France Keyser


Grown up in the countryside, France Keyser (1970) discovered Paris and photography at an older age. Since 1997 she has worked in the news for the French and international press. Since 2002 she has made numerous reports in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Turkey, Israel and Palestine. These trips to countries at war allow her to represent the lives of people dealing with extreme situations.
Since a few years ago, she’s living in Marseilles, a cosmopolitan and open city in the Mediterranean. After a 4 years research she created a book about Muslims in France, Nous sommes français et musulmans, that was published in 2010 (by Autrement), accompanied by Vincent Geisser texts.
“By representing these French people and giving a face to the silent majority, I hope I did a pedagogical work that will fire up the debate and eliminate misunderstandings”, says the photographer.
Since last year she has chosen to make a direct experience with the militants of the National Front, particularly numerous in southern France.
In parallel she works for several French newspapers and magazines dealing with topical issues.

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