Enrico Rondoni


Professional journalist since 2006, Enrico Rondoni (Naples, 1953) is deputy director of TG5 of which is one of the founders. Early in his career, in the seventies, he wrote for music magazines, then for L’Umanità, L’Europeo, Paese Sera, L’Espresso, for RAI (Radio Uno, Italia Sera, Speciali TG1, TAM TAM) and since 1986 for the first weekly information column of Channel 5, led by Arrigo Levi.
The work as a journalist and the passion for traveling led him to express himself in different languages. Thus he juxtaposes writings and television to photographic reportage. His photographs are published by L’Enciclopedia Italiana, Paese Sera, RAI 2, Canale 5, Week End, Tutto Turismo, L’Agenzia di Viaggi e per il web Riflessi Fotografici.
In 1976 he founded in Rome Other Images, one of the first photo book-gallery in the city.
By four trips to the Republic of China, after 30 years, were born the television special La Zampata del Dragone, the photo exhibition Chinese Lights 1981-2011 and the book Enrico Rondoni in China from 1981 to 2011 (Peliti Publisher, 2011).
In May 2012 he participated in the East vs. West exhibition in Florence. After the reportages in Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan he wrote an essay on the lost treasure of Kabul, “The gold of Bactria”, for Great Treasures Book (White Star, 2008).

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