2017 edition| Mediterraneo

The Mediterranean is a vast archive, an immense grave.
(Predrag Matvejevic)

Matvejevic’s words resonate today in all their power.
The Mediterranean is the backdrop for an unprecedented humanitarian emergency related to the refugee crisis which has affected the coasts of Europe over the last few years. The current situation holds a sad record in terms of both human costs and repercussions on European identity and values.
It’s now becoming even more urgent to question the Mediterranean and its history, to find a new dialogue between cultures.

The 2017 edition of Photolux Festival sets its focus on the photographers of the Mediterranean and on those who made the “Mare Nostrum” the object of their gaze, in the hope that such vision will lead to new influences and describe a sea where civilizations have met and fought for millennia, enriching and convoluting its history.

24 exhibitions dedicated to the theme “Mediterraneo”
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