Dimitri Beck is the editor-in-chief of the Paris based photojournalism magazine, Polka.
Dimitri has been part of the executive management of Polka since 2008, contributing to the development of the magazine, gallery and website.
During his spare time Dimitri gives lectures on photojournalism at conferences and educational institutes.
Prior to working at Polka, Dimitri was the Director of the Aina Photo Agency based in the Afghan capital Kabul from September 2004 to December 2006, where he was also the Editor-in-chief for the Anglo-French feature magazine Les Nouvelles de Kaboul – New Afghanistan. His thirst to travel to Afghanistan was inspired when he was working as editor-in-chief of Reza Deghati’s photo agency “Webistan”.
His love for photojournalism started in the Caucasus mountains of central Asia at a young age when he started out as an independent journalist filing reports to French and international media outlets.

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