Charles Fréger


Graduated from the School of Art Rouen in 2000, Charles Fréger (Bourge, 1975) is the founder of the artistic community Piece of Cake and of the publishing house POC.
His work is mainly interested in the anthropological and poetic representation of social groups and reflects the image of contemporary youth.
The series dedicated to athletes, soldiers and students, made in Europe and around the world, focus mainly on the exterior element, on what these people are wearing, on their uniform. In some cases, Fréger chose community whose uniforms take the form more exuberant as in the series Steps, Empire, Opera. In other situations he has instead favored more simple situations, in which the collective image symbolizes life in Europe (Bleus, Sihuhu) or in other continents (Umana, Ti Du). His images record the effects of socialization, recognizable in the costume and in the dress, representing the outermost level of being.
He has published numerous works and has exhibited in various museums and galleries in Europe, Asia and the United States.

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