Paolo Verzone | Cadets

AUTHOR Paolo Verzone

Elegant, austere, disciplined, proud. The portraits of Paolo Verzone’s cadets could have been taken decades ago. The photographs on exhibition are a selection of portraits of cadets of Military Academies around the Mediterranean.

Nick Hannes | Mediterranean. The continuity of man

AUTHOR Nick Hannes

It’s the Mediterranean of men, made of beaches crawling with tourists, of land of conflicts of alleged religious origin, of journeys of hope which often end in death or confinement, far from the ancient ξενία (hospitality) of Magna Graecia. To try to understand it, we need to get close to the single tiles and then retreat again to comprehend the general picture.

Shai Kremer | Concrete Abstract

AUTHOR Shai Kremer

The works of the series “Concrete Abstract”, by the Israeli artist Shai Kremer, are the result of a long process of work, born with the documentation ( from 2001 to 2012) of the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site.

Leila Alaoui |

AUTHOR Leila Alaoui

Leila Alaoui, French -Moroccan photographer, had a precise style, a light touch and a distinguished trait.

Eleonora Olivetti

AUTHOR Eleonora Olivetti

The work of Olivetti is remarkable for technique, visual aesthetics and scenography invention. Colour photos of people, places and countries, cut out and put back together following personal and bizarre schemes, are applied onto an ancient engraving working as a backdrop.

Marie Hudelot | Heritage-Natif

AUTHOR Marie Hudelot

Using her own family history and her own French- Algerian origins, Marie Hudelot, in her work, moves through the hollow space between memory and oblivion, visible and invisible, past and present, abstract and figurative, in which we develop our identities as individuals and as a society.

Polixeni Papapetrou | Between worlds

AUTHOR Polixeni Papapetrou

With Between Worlds Polixeni Papapetrou offers us the dream as reality and the invisible as vision, reflecting on the becoming which typifies the contamination between different worlds, different realities, and making them coexist.

Rania Werda | Autres Miroirs

AUTHOR Rania Werda

Choreographies of semi hidden faces in sketched out scenes: Rania Werda shows us fierce women who stand tall saying no to any genre stereotypes. Lascivious, as if they were drawn on a calligraphic spark, they represent the many faces of women fighting for their right to be different: their right to be Women.

Il Mediterraneo Tutt’intorno

Mediterranean means freedom, contamination and eclecticism, endless journey and border crossing, then arrivals and new departures, in an eternal motion and continuous evolution. Just like cooking.