Stanley Greene | Haiti

AUTHOR Stanley Greene

“Voodoo is an African-American religion characterised by syncretic and highly esoteric features. The word comes from the African vodu which literally means “spirit”, “divinity”, or more literally “a sign from beyond.”

Aurelio Amendola | San Pietro

AUTHOR Aurelio Amendola

In Amendola’s series the genius of Michelangelo and the great beauty of St. Peter’s Basilica are celebrated through a series of pictures that have a strong emotional impact.

Andres Serrano | Sacred and Profane

AUTHOR Andres Serrano

Andres Serrano represents the tragedy of the contemporary man torn between sacred needs and secular trends and does it consciously, through the medium that is most striking: the picture.

Kenro Izu – Sacredness

AUTHOR Kenro Izu

Since a long time the work of Kenro Izu has focused on the sacredness. Over time, as with all things, even his photography has evolved and changed subjects passing from the “Holy Places” to “Eternal Light,” or from the “Places” to the “Dignity of people” with a common thread: the “sacredness”.

Bettina Rheims | I.N.R.I.

AUTHOR Bettina Rheims

How can it be represented Christ today? How can his life, his actions and his teachings to be communicated through modern means? Through a careful analysis of the texts, working on original sources and trying to combine history and legend, iBettina Rheims and Serge Bramly transposed the sacred stories into our time.

Joel-Peter Witkin

A great retrospective that explores the relationship between the sacred and profane, as seen through the unique and provocative gaze of the American artist.

Ernst Haas | La Creazione

AUTORE Hernst Haas

The Creation is considered one of the pillars in the history of photography. It represents a sort of “spiritual ecology” in praise of the earth that man has receveid in heritage and should passionately defend.