Nicoló Degiorgis | Hidden Islam

AUTHOR Nicoló Degiorgis

There are 1.35 million Muslims in Italy and yet, officially, only eight mosques in the whole country. Degiorgis’ project documents the places of worship of the Muslim population in the North East of Italy.

Enrico Rondoni | Nel Regno Della Luce

AUTHOR Enrico Rondoni

The reportage from Laddak (India) tells the representation of the struggle between good and evil, with the sacred and profane symbols, which takes place every full moon of August in the Buddhist monastery of the XVI century in Phyi-Yang.

France Keyser | Français d’Islam

AUTHOR France Keyser

The French Muslims, must face, unfortunately, two belonging identities, but they don’t want to have to choose between the French and Muslim one. As France Keyser tells us, they would like to be part of both identities.

Michele Borzoni | Inshallah

AUTHOR Michele Borzoni

Michele Borzoni (Florence, 1979) has devoted more than three years to the Christian communities in the Middle East, traveling in each country, at different times, to focus on human morphology and geographical territory.

Charles Fréger | Wilder Mann

AUTHOR Charles Fréger

Wilder Mann is a series devoted to the rites and rituals rooted in every corner of Europe in countries such as Bulgaria, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, England and Ireland.