Enrico Rondoni

Professional journalist since 2006, Enrico Rondoni (Naples, 1953) is deputy director of TG5 of which is one of the founders. The work as a journalist and the passion for traveling led him to juxtaposes writings and television to photographic reportage.

France Keyser

Grown up in the countryside, France Keyser (1970) discovered Paris and photography at an older age. Since 1997 she has worked in the news for the French and international press. Since 2002 she has made numerous reports in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Turkey, Israel and Palestine.

Michele Borzoni

Michele Borzoni (Italy, 1979) graduated in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the International Center of Photography in 2006. He is founder and member of TerraProject collective. He lives and works in Florence.

James Estrin

James Estrin is a senior staff photographer for The New York Times. He is also a founder and co-editor, together with David Gonzales, of Lens, the Times’s photography blog.

Jordi Pizarro

At the age of 21, Jordi Pizarro (Barcelona, 1985) began working as a photographer for several Spanish newspapers, then continuing as a freelance, based in India.

Charles Fréger

harles Fréger (Bourge, 1975) is mainly interested in the anthropological and poetic representation of social groups and reflects the image of contemporary youth.

Patrick Willocq

He’s a self-taught photographer, and since twenty-five years his passion for travel, discovery, and learning about different cultures, have been closely intertwined with his desire to document the realities that he witnesses.

Ivo Saglietti

In the early seventies Ivo Saglietti (Toulon, 1948) began working as a director in Italy, making documentaries on social issues. From 1978 he devoted himself exclusively to photojournalism, documenting the more critical social and political realities in several areas of the world.

Stanley Greene

For the last 25 years, Stanley Greene (New York, 1949) bore witness to births of new dawns, rising and falling empires, invasions of countries, liberations of others, mass migrations, deportations, displacements, famines, conflicts, wars and destructions.

Aurelio Amendola

Throughout his long career, Aurelio Amendola (Pistoia, 1938) has devoted himself especially to photography of sculpture and architecture and portraits of the best know artist of the last century.