Andrea Boccalini | Corviale

for Leica Camera Italia
Corviale is a skyscraper in Rome, where over six thousand people live: it was designed in the ’70s and was supposed to represent the implementation of an innovative building concept, the utopia of ‘social housing in public spaces’.
This utopia remained unfulfilled and was taken over by the citizens’ urgent housing needs, which brought abusive occupation, the spread of heroin and petty crime linked to drug dealing. This led to the isolation of Corviale and made it an area dominated by violence and degradation in social imaginary.

With his reportage Boccalini shows us a different reality: urban, political, institutional decay does not necessarily mean human degradation. He succeeded in it by changing perspective, putting the building in the background and thus removing it from the lead role, making it the tough, often painful set where thousands of lives and stories are happening. Where a community lives, a community which, although arose from shared pain, marginalization and economic difficulties, and even if jagged, has a solid foundation.

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