Where: Palazzo Ducale, Cortile Carrara 1
When: 24th CLOSED – 25th November,  2018

Barbara Pietroni, journalist in charge of the Central Office of News and Current Affairs of Amica, a monthly magazine of Rcs MediaGroup, part of the Corriere della Sera Group. For the website, she writes reviews on photography exhibitions and books. Her academic background is strongly influenced by the world of photography and image. At the Naba of Milan (New Academy of Fine Arts), she studied graphics, advertising and photography, with a particular focus on semiotics. In Grazia Neri – one of the most important photojournalistic agencies in Italy and in the world, where she worked for six years – she grew up training her photographic eye with the great shots by Robert Doisneau, Douglas Kirkland, Annie Leibovitz, Herb Ritts, James Nachtwey, as well as by all those that would soon become great photographers at international levels, from Paolo Pellegrin to Alex Majoli, Zija Gafic and Massimo Sestini, among the others. Working for 13 years at Amica gave her the opportunity to hone her sense of aesthetics, with a particular focus first on the photographic part, then on the written one. She is the author of many reviews and prefaces of photographic books. In addition to all this, she also composes poems (her works have been published in various anthologies, including La nuovissima poesia italiana, edited by Maurizio Cucchi, Mondadori, in literary magazines, in collections, including Tempi gemelli, Il Faggio). Her love for poetry gave her the privilege to perceive image from a different point of view, being poetry an amazing synthesis from a storytelling perspective, an extraordinary and infinite microcosm of reality, in the dimension of “the being” rather than of “the becoming”. Exactly like photography.

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