Anna Maria Germontani


Anna Maria Germontani (Milan, 1935) attended the High School and graduated in Nuclear Engineering at the polytechnic university in Milan. She started taking photographs in her early twenties, inspired by association with his cousin Luigi Crocenzi. In 1979,due to family reasons, she moved in Argentina, a new immense and challenging reality that started her involvment in the report of different places and cultures. Back in Italy, in 1986, she carried out thematic researches such as the work on a-Catholic communities in Milan in the nineties, which was published in a book; the aesthetic interpretation of the funerary sculpture; The Way of the Sculpture project (1990); pictures of women beyond, on women portrayed outside of everyday life.
She attended the course “Woman Photographer” by Giuliana Traverso, workshops with Giuliana Scimé and Emilio De Tullio. She was part of “Photographers of Philological”. Shehas exhibited her works in numerous galleries and cultural spaces in Italy: The voices of the soul at the Russian Cultural Centre inPietrasanta, Lucca (1993) and the Social Centre Garibaldi in Milan (1994); Harmony of silence at the “Il Sestante” Gallery inGallarate, Varese and at the Albizzate Photo Club in Varese (1995); The beliefs of others at the “Il Sestante” Gallery in Gallarate, Varese (1997); Culturasculturaat Images on the Roadin Giovenzana, Milan (1998) and Libreria Rizzoli, Milan (2001), Women beyond at the Gallarate Library, Milan (2000).

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