Andres Serrano


Andres Serrano (New York City, 1950) starts his career of attentive observer of contemporary life studying Painting and Sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum Art School until 1969.
His youth in the streets of Brooklyn and the strict Catholic education he received as a boy play a key role in all his artistic research.
Since the great national debate which involved him in 1989, following the exposure of the work Piss Christ (1987), Serrano is recognized by collective imagination as a “damned artist”. The provocative force of some of his first series of works (Body fluids, Immersions, The Morgue) unexpectedly moves towards  definitely more sacred tones in his last series: Holy works, 2011.
Today Andres Serrano is considered one of the greatest American artists, his works have been exhibited in the most important cultural institutions in the United States and worldwide and his name is present in many public collections, as well as in great debates on freedom of expression through art.

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