Immagina Lucca

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The Immagina Lucca photo contest is sponsored by UniCoop Florence in collaboration with Alinari, coordinated by Photolux Festival.

The theme of the contest is the city of Lucca, but it is not the “usual” photo contest about a city: in fact, both artists and photographers are called to participate in and the whole project is inspired by a particular object, a Lucca overview made in about 1870. Starting from this hidden gem of the Alinari Archives, the contest asks to figure out Lucca on the continuous thread of time and to ideally continue the tour of the city by submitting three pictures. The historical overview is in fact a set of 12 boards, 3 of which are missing.


You are asked to submit 3 photographs or 3 images of works created on purpose through languages and freely chosen expressive techniques (from painting to comics to computer graphics).

The 3 images aim to metaphorically return the city as a whole: a real whole, imagined, emotionally perceived or dreamed.
One way to interpret the layers of history, the continuous thread of time that links the past and the present, the importance of roots in our personal history and in the creative potential in each of us.

Thus: Create, capture it, dream!

The Contest will end on September 30, 2016.


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