Photolux Instagram Takeover


The Photolux Instagram Takeover has started!

We asked to some of the photographers that collaborated with us in 2015 to take over our Instagram account for a week, free to post all the images and texts they want!

The first guest was Joana Choumali: her series “Resilients” has been exhibited at Photolux 2015 and explores the issues of feminine identity. In this project Joana Choumali focuses on the appearance of these issues: the traditional clothing. The women portrayed in pictures by Joana are modern women, emancipated professionals, perfectly integrated in contemporary society. Taken out jeans, tailleurs and high heels shoes, each of them was portrayed wearing the clothes of their ave. Each portrait session represented a real ritual, an almost religious moment, meditation. Rediscovering, through the gestures of dressing, tissues and hairstyles, the indissoluble bond that associate all women with the women of previous generations, but above all the importance of rediscovering and keeping in touch with the roots to fully build their identity. On our Instagram account Joana posted some photos from her most interesting projects to show the main issues of her work.

The following week, Boris Eldagsen took over our Instagram profile. His thoughts and photographs brought us beyond time and space, in our unconscious. Boris shared with us some images from his ongoing series THE POEMS, presented at Photolux 2015 in the exhibition curated by Carine Dolek. In one of his post he explained the reasons of the title “THE POEMS”: “it’s not about storytelling but opening up the viewer, showing her/him that it is necessary to enter those images with your personality, your feelings, your memories.”

Yesterday Jordi Pizarro, the young Spanish photographer who exhibited his work “The Believers” about religious communities at Photolux 2015, took over our Instagram account. He will post all the week, so stay tuned!

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